Domain Therapeutics’s bioSensAll is a highly dynamic and flexible biosensor platform that can be adapted to address a wide variety of needs and questions.

With our broad GPCR signaling and pharmacology expertise, we help you design an experimental strategy that will assist you in rapidly achieving your goals at a competitive cost.

A rapid and agile project design

We approach each project with an “agile” philosophy. After consultation with our staff scientists, a draft project proposal tailored to the client’s needs is rapidly (within 24h) generated and returned to the client for review. Upon mutual finalization of the service proposal, we are ready to begin the project. Our streamlined procedure ensures delivery of the highest quality data in the shortest possible timeframe, with an average project turnaround time of one month. We remain available for discussion during and after completion of the work.

As a company, Domain Therapeutics strives to build close professional partnerships founded on confidence, transparency and confidentiality. We strongly believe in working collaboratively with, and not simply for, our partners and clients in addressing their needs and achieving their objectives. At Domain Therapeutics, we are not simply service providers; rather, we consider ourselves as dedicated partners in your research and drug discovery endeavors.


The bioSensAll platform can be used for various purposes and accessed via various modalities

Target characterization
Ligand profiling
Assay development
Screening | HTS campaigns